Nh seccesion news/legislation/proposal

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Thanks for sharing. Glad more Sentinel readers are now aware of https://nhexit.us/.

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Sent to the reporter:

"Hi Mr. Green: Looks like your article on the Independence Amendment was pretty accurate. That’s becoming a rare thing and is of some value as U.S. press independence seems to continue deteriorating.

I wish you’d had better luck getting in touch with more of the co-sponsors; thank you for trying so hard to reach Mike and Matt. You’re welcome to contact me any time you need information about the legislation or our independence drive in general; I’m one of the people who requested it and contributed to the wording. I run NHexit.com such as it is.

Dave Ridley
Winchester "
(Contact info)

Also noticed that the Sentinel was not blocking me from viewing the article, even the 8th time I clicked it. That is cool compared to so many other news sites.


Nice, Dave! I too wish the author would have been able to net some new input/quotes from the co-sponsors, so kudos to you for informing him of your availability. I’m guessing you’ll hear from him (or one of his colleagues) in the coming weeks and months as this issue garners more attention.

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he did respond to me but did not need me at that time.