NH: Pro-Fed rep files bill to prevent public from voting on independence

This according to Mike Sylvia, prime sponsor of the NH Independence Amendment, although he didn’t put it quite that way. The only part I caught during his discussion was that the bill was filed by a “freshly minted” Democrat and that it forbids people from holding certain state office if they take “any action intended to separate New Hampshire from the united states.”

As such it presumably would not prevent a vote this year, but would in practice forbid future referendums on independence.

I couldn’t find a copy of the proposed bill online, but it appears to be modeled on the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This is a move that libertarian talk show host Ernie Hanckock appears to have predicted.

Anyone know more? This is his full conversation, the pro-DC bill gets mentioned near the end.

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For media folks just tuning in here’s background:

" NH Free 2023 - Independence drive begins! Exec summary here "

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That would seem to suggest that this rep agrees that such separation is not currently illegal, but must be made so. So (s)he’s half right.

But despite this rep’s preferences, no generation has the legitimate authority to encumber all future generations in perpetuity (which prohibiting any decision-makers – the people’s “substitutes and agents” – who would pursue such actions would certainly accomplish). And again, this rep seems to recognize that the Constitution(s) does not do that now, what with 5A and all, that secession is legitimately on the table…

Kinda like the question, ‘so do you believe healthcare a right, or do you believe you can deny it to the unvaccinated…?’

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hopefully we can find the details soon … and out the dreaded Anti-secessionist or is it

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