NH liberty activist suing Mass over gun laws?

Published unredacted with the blessing of the author . Some of you know him as Bear. I think he is a free stater and/or has moved to NH but was charged when he was a Mass. resident?

Support the Second Amendment, Join the Lawsuit!
Bear Arms libertywithoutlicense@gmail.com
Bear Arms

Dear Friends, and Supporters of the Constitution,

As many of you are aware, I recently launched a Federal lawsuit against the executive branch of the Massachusetts government (attached), alleging the unconstitutional application of otherwise constitutional laws. This was done through an Action for Declaratory Judgment, where in essence the Federal Court is asked to determine a question of law. Specifically: is the license to carry firearms required for exercising our constitutional right to bear arms for personal use? Of course it is not! And in theory this should be an open and shut case.

But one potential flaw in my lawsuit is that the Court could dismiss this case, based on my ongoing criminal case for the “unlicensed carrying of a firearm.” This is what they call the Younger abstention doctrine. Of course I contend this doesn’t apply because 1) I am suing for prospective relief, and 2) because my right to be informed of the laws is clearly established at the present time.

Nevertheless, here’s where I really need your help!

Because each of us are entitled to be informed of the purpose and scope of the laws, and to find our security in them, we all share the same cause of action, which is at the core of my Action for Declaratory judgment. Therefore, any of you may join my lawsuit against the state – regardless of your nationality, citizenship, residency, or legal history you have a right to be informed! And therefore you have standing to sue.

TO JOIN THE LAWSUIT: please contact me by email or phone, then simply complete and sign the attached “Notice of Appearance,” including your Name, Address, Email, and Phone number. Then send a signed copy to the Court at:

Clerk of the Court, Suite 2300
United States District Court
District of Massachusetts
1 Courthouse Way,
Boston, MA 02210

You’ll also need to send a copy to the defendants by emailing the Assistant Attorney General Angélica L. Durón found in the Certificate of Service. Then kindly send me a copy for our case records. Once you join as plaintiff, all you have to do is appear and say: “I demand judgment on the pleadings!”

I can assist you in completing the form, just send me your address and phone number, and I will send you back the completed document for your signature.

Thank you for your interest and support!
Bear :bear: Arms and God Bless America!
Kang Lu

I will address any questions you may have whatsoever, just call or email me anytime!

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