NH Independence and mortgages

Interesting post from a telegram group as folks begin the gaming-it-out process which CACR 32 was intended to begin:

" I had a brief discussion with Elliot Axelman at yesterday’s New Hampshire independence event, wherein I mentioned to him that a potential selling point of New Hampshire freeing itself of this disgusting, crooked, tyrannical empire is the possibility of New Hampshire-ites’ mortgages becoming null and void - as the political climate associated specifically with this particular state seceding would very likely entail a rejection of the Federal Reserve, usury, etc., and the vast majority of mortgages in this state are likely held by entities outside of New Hampshire. He indicated that it’s hard to predict how separation negotiations for that specific issue would go, as it involves contracts that people signed (libertarians generally being big on honoring contracts). I understand that we can’t say for certain how state officials would handle that, but I would expect them to, at minimum, declare that whatever law enforcement exists post-independence would be barred from enforcing foreclosures on behalf of foreign banks. The federal income tax is one of many reasons for secession movements, and if there was no federal income tax, a lot of people who have mortgages would not have needed to take mortgages in order to obtain their homes. Since banks are intimately associated with the federal government (the federal government is essentially controlled by the super rich/mega-corporations), and since the federal government makes it hard for people to buy real estate without loans (by taxing them to death, among other things), my position is that it would be entirely appropriate for a sovereign New Hampshire to tell these foreign corporations to get fucked, and that no New Hampshire officials would participate in any land seizures on their behalf. This would be a step towards righting the wrongs that the plutocracy known as the United States of America has inflicted on us. "

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