NH in December

Hello. I am interested in moving to NH. I am planning to head up in early December. I’m looking for any suggestions on housing and or employment. I may also just try to travel around the state for a while and meet with more free staters and learn more about what is going on. I was able to go to Keene and meet some people from FTL a few weeks ago which was great.

I am also wondering if anyone has any suggestions for good books or articles about Libertarianism. I am pretty familiar with it from having friends who are libertarian and just reading articles that talk about it, but I would like to be more familiar with the movement and its history and how it is going to be applied within the free state project.


Welcome. Definitely check out the statewide activist calendar at calendar.shiresociety.com - there’s lots going on.

One of my favorite books is Healing Our World by Dr. Mary Ruwart. The original edition is free online: http://www.ruwart.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Healing-Our-World-The-Other-Piece-of-the-Puzzle-1993.pdf

Cool, thanks. The book looks really awesome.


Portsmouth looks really great in December. Highly recommended for a visit if you like cute New England towns.

You mention you are looking for employment in NH. What is it that you do for work now?

i read the first half of the difference engine book but then got bored. welcome!


There is definitely lots of variety around the state. Your idea of traveling around and meeting lots of folks is a good one.

One of the largest is Taproom Tuesday, every week in Manchester. Also, if you can make it to any of the New Movers Potlucks / gatherings, those are great for getting a feel for the larger community.

Have fun!

Cool, thanks for the suggestion. I am currently working on a farm, but I have also worked in quality assurance and in an environmental chemistry lab. I also like to write and used to write for some newspapers.

Lol, I want to read it soon. I love Neuromancer and Difference Engine seems to be a great combination of that type of scifi and weird Victorian period stuff like Sybil which I also loved, but I will see how it actually is once I finish it.

Sounds like great work experience and a wide variety of skills. I am sure you will find something to your liking. You will get a great taste of what life can be like in the various locations by planning ahead to attend meetups that occur regularly. Some parts are more rural and have more farms, others more urban, etc. All my best wishes to you in your journey to and through the Shire.