NH: Help Disinfector Dave clean the roadsides

Help me turn this:

Into this:

(Above) A Malignant Mess Meets its Match in Winchester.

I’m picking up litter between Winchester and Keene, sometimes for free but sometimes in exchange for donations. I don’t own own a vehicle, so my range has limits… but more donations can extend the range to other areas.

If you’d like this to continue and “escalate,” e-mail me: RidleyReport at live period com. Tell me where you want me to clean. After I’m done with an agreed-upon area, look it over and pay me what you think I earned. Silver and Bitcoin accepted. Barter is also an option as I’m currently looking for surplus goods and outdoor or indoor storage space. There is also the option of displaying your preferred URL while doing this. Give me a shout, and let’s see what we can do!