NH governor's house protesters in court

I can’t tell for sure what day this happened or is happening… either 10/21 or 10/22 apparently… just learned about it a few minutes ago:

From telegram…

" Hey Friends of Freedom,

Last December, the “Newfields 9”, several freedom lovers that were protesting against the lock downs at Sununu’s,were charged with “Illegal Picketing”.

After prodding by the AG, A new town ordnance was put forth by the Governor’s brother (who sits on the select board of the town.) Just for us.

We came for a peaceful, silent vigil, no signs, no sounds, no nothing. We were told “no candles” and where we were allowed to walk.

Two minutes into the walk a dozen SP cruisers with two riot dressed troopers in each, arrived to support the dozen troopers that were already there. They surrounded 8 of us and issued tickets to all.

Will Kelly, Samantha Morse and Bill Domenico have a trial date tomorrow.

We are represented by Martin and Hipple

Starting at 9:30am.

10th Circuit - District Division

10 Route 125, Brentwood, NH 03833

It is possible that the trial will be continued. However unknown at this time.

Your support appreciated. "

MY next trial for driving w/o license, etc is in Plymouth on Nov 3rd. This is not the federal lawsuit I have going which has not yet been dismissed but one of the local ones. James and one of the Porcfest vendors attended the previous LIVE hearing (without masks, no less) and I’m hoping for some FSers to come support me. I don’t have the time in front of me but I’ll post that tomorrow. I would like Mr. Ridley to attend especially.

This is terrible. Protesting is our RIGHT. It is also our RIGHT to stand up against tyranny. Our COUNTRY was FOUNDED on it. I just can’t believe how many people have forgotten.

Ok John… I believe I indicated to you that I’d try to publicize your case via talk radio once I had details. Post em here once you got em!