NH: Free stater Greg Surbey reportedly missing

As I was logging on to Facebook today for the purpose of telling the world about the FBI raid on Keene free stater buildings, I saw a more shocking but marginally related piece of NH liberty news.

Free stater Greg Surbey has apparently disappeared

You may already know this, but here’s what I have that is new: Well, actually new and old at the same time. Around 2008, Greg and I were attending “Taproom Tuesday,” a weekly libertarian gathering at Murphy’s Taproom in Manchester, NH. He asked me to take a walk with him for a private conversation. It may have been two walks, separated by weeks… I forget.

As best I can recall, he told me that he had been pressured by the FBI into a meeting with them around that time. They were investigating the Free State Project and Elaine Brown sympathizers. They apparently used a security clearance he had… as leverage to prevent him from exercising his Fifth Amendment rights to not answer their questions.

He said three of them questioned him at a restaurant, Friendlies’ I think… and he was worried for his safety. He wanted to keep it quiet, the fact that they had interviewed him. But he said something to the effect that if anything happened to him, I should go public with what he had told me. The FBI doesn’t exactly have a reputation for “disappearing” people, and it seemed a little unlikely he would disappear, but now he apparently has…right before Hoover’s descendants arrive on the scene and start waving their johnathans around. The least I can do, possibly also the most, is carry out his request as best I can. So that is the basic gist of what I know; there are more minor details, and I will try to post them shortly

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As promised, here’s the rest of what I remember about Greg and the FBI. He said that three of them interviewed him…one watching his face, one taking notes without looking up much and one asking questions. This happened around the time of the Elaine Brown standoff at Plainfield, NH and the operatives were interested in peoples’ opinion on taxes. He indicated that he told them he didn’t like taxes and that’s a pretty common thing! I think he said something about them trying to ferret out any indications people were planning violent acts. But I don’t remember anything else about the conversation off the top of my head.
He had attended a 2007 era protest with me, at the jail where one of the Brown supporters was initially being held, in Mass. This was on YouTube and I think may have happened before his interview with the FBI. I am not aware of him telling them anything damaging to the liberty movement. Supposedly FBI people don’t audio or video record their interviews.

I believe Greg is a current or former NH state representative. I’m pretty sure he was at least a candidate.

What do you know?

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very interesting

Ex-girlfriend of missing Nashua man says she is 'extremely concerned'

Ex-girlfriend of missing Nashua man says she is ‘extremely concerned’

By Kimberly Houghton Union Leader Correspondent Mar 16, 2021 Updated Mar 16, 2021 



April Bailey

April Bailey

Disappeared Jan. 15, 2020
Provided by FBI



As police look for a 37-year-old Nashua man missing for more than five weeks, the FBI issued a statement Monday about a city woman last seen in January 2020 when she walked outside to take out the garbage.

“We are relentlessly investigating the circumstances surrounding April’s disappearance, and any information, no matter how seemingly insignificant, may be important to finding her,” Joseph Bonavolonta, special agent in charge of the FBI Boston Division, said of 36-year-old April Bailey. “We thank those who have already provided information and we urge other members of our community to come forward so we can bring April home to her family.”

Lt. Patrick Hannon of the Nashua Police Department said cases involving missing adults are complex. On Friday, the department issued a news release about Greg Surbey, 37, who was last heard from on Feb. 5.

Surbey, who ran unsuccessfully for the Nashua Board of Education in 2019 and the Board of Aldermen in 2015, was reported missing last Wednesday.

“We are at the beginning of this investigation,” Hannon said Monday.

Police are trying to determine whether Surbey’s credit cards have been used in recent weeks; search warrants will be sought to gather more details, police said. Since Surbey lived a private life, his disappearance did not raise any red flags until about a month after he last had contact with friends or family, according to Hannon.

Surbey’s former girlfriend, Linda Lagana of Nashua, said she is “extremely concerned,” but remains hopeful there is a logical explanation.

“This is definitely out of character for him,” Lagana said Monday. “Nothing is adding up.”

Lagana, who dated Surbey for about 12 years until their breakup in January 2020, said they are still friends. Surbey had been posting on social media regularly until Feb. 5, she said. Last Tuesday, Lagana said she stopped by his house and noticed Surbey’s car was in the garage and his mailbox packed with mail. She had sent him numerous messages, although none were read or heard, according to Lagana.

She decided last week to use her key to his house and check inside. His suitcases, toothbrush, razor and keys were at the house, although his phone and wallet were not, she said. Lagana contacted Surbey’s mother, who also had not heard from him, and police were notified.

Lagana said that Surbey was “upset about a lot of things,” but even if he decided to go off the grid for a while, it was unusual he wouldn’t at least touch base with a relative or friend.

Surbey, who previously worked at MIT Lincoln Labs and PeopleNet in Bedford, has not been employed recently, Lagana said.
Missing more than a year

In the case of Bailey, Hannon said Nashua police reached out to the FBI asking the agency to assist.

“She has ties to other states and things like that,” said Hannon.

On Jan. 15, 2020, Bailey walked outside of her home at 45 Lynn St. in her slippers and a black jacket with a fur hood to take out the garbage. That was the last time the mother of three was seen.

She is about 5 foot 3 inches, 130 pounds, with long black hair, blue eyes, a butterfly tattoo on her right shoulder and a tattoo with the word “Damien” on her right ankle.

According to authorities, Bailey has connections to Boston and Glens Falls, N.Y. Anyone with information on Bailey’s disappearance is asked to call the FBI at 857-386-2000.

Anyone with information about Surbey should call Nashua police at 594-3500.

Two other Nashua people remain missing.

Michael Andrew Jones, 35, was last seen by his mother on Jan. 16, 2019 when she had lunch with him.

Mike McClain, 29, has not been seen since the early morning hours of April 21, 2019 after visiting the Tropical Lounge in Nashua with friends.

“I can say very confidently that none of them are related,” Hannon said of the missing person cases. “They all have their unique circumstances.”



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This is one unfortunate piece of news. I know he was one of us and while I didn’t know him well, I am aware we probably had interactions at some point. He was active for a long time in the community.

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A friend of his is asking folks to sign this wall https://www.anctil-rochette.com/obituary/Gregory-Surbey?fbclid=IwAR0iZgxwraFtMlr6uaVz38bNsHsJvoqZxt8aO0uqGbuJmdFVFqaPDMwLD2E

I keep hearing this theory that he was working on some sort of anti-sex-trafficking project, and that could have gotten him in trouble. or, more accurately, I should say I heard it twice from different liberty activists in New Hampshire. anyone know more? anyone know anything?

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