NH Exit isn't really popular...really?

Let me be clear, I support not only NH Exit but also Human Being Exit. All Humans have the right to be ruled or not ruled, and rulers should respect those who choose not to be ruled. I digress…

I was scanning the NH Exit table thread, and this person who appears to be a “Karen”(sorry Karen), along with watching the Netflix series about John Addams, caused me to have a revelation.

“Karen” caused me realize that she holds the “loyalist” position and we(me and the lint in my pocket) hold the “colonist” position. Not that it makes much difference to the “loyalist”, in my opinion, but I wonder if it would be possible to have a “loyalist” recognize or realize that the hold the similar opinions that the “loyalists” held to the Crown. Just an odd thought.

I’m not above labeling people, some prefer to call it “name calling”, and I’m under 5’3" so I’m rarely above anything, but perhaps we could help people like “Karen” to come to terms with her mental health issues, or at least her cognitive dissonance.


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