NH: Did Dublin PD attack a liberty activist?

Saw this on Telegram I think… anyone know more?


Shylo Bourdeau has arraignment tomorrow and is being held with out bail. Allegations are “disobeying an officer” steming from a traffic stop in which Brandon Blair agent of Dublin Police Department asked for Shylo to produce identifying information. When met with a counter offer to recieve the requested info up agreement to allow Shylo and her family to travel home safely, Blair broke the front driver side window and proceeded to forcibly remove her from her private property. Her kids and I (Dylan) watched in horror and were then left to find alternative transportation to safety as they stole her private auto and the belongings we could not carry.

Jaffrey Peterborough District Court
Located @ 84 Peterborough St, Jaffrey, NH 03452

Shylo is a beast in the court room! Please come show your support as she exposes the agents of the State Of New Hampshire (the corporation) as they perpetuate their fraud, posing as lawful agents of New Hampshire (the republic)."

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What’s the update on this?


I’m willing to bet there was a bit more discussion before Blair breaking the window.

Police aren’t trained to go ballistic immediately, although it does happen sometimes.

Disobeying an officer is a crime that is very easy to avoid being charged with.