NH: Bill would let state agencies accept Bitcoin

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance (http://NHLiberty.org) is backing a bill aimed at widening crypto adoption in the state. It is the only institution I’m aware of that comprehensively rates a state’s bills and legislators for how pro-liberty they are.

I believe at least one of the sponsoring reps is a free stater (a person who migrates to NH for the purpose of liberty activism). The number of free staters in the legislature has been hovering between 10 and 20 over the last decade; most win election as Republicans or Democrats.

The Alliance is encouraging in-state supporters of the bill to make their position known by emailing relevant legislators before roughly Feb. 4, 2019:

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I think the problem most people have when thinking about accepting payment in bitcoin is they believe the receiver actually has to hold bitcoins and their holdings would have to be subject to market fluctuations. Once people understand that the coin can just be the medium of accepting currency and they actually can automatically get their money transferred in us dollars into the receivers account in full then people become more open to the idea.

The current language being used “accept bitcoin as payment” is hostile to the established mindset and is automatically rejected in most.

ya i’m not very good at wording things to make the establishment happy. altho i did get a standing ovation the first time i testified at the state house. my presentations there were all down hill after that lol.

Yall seem to be doin things right in nh. My comments were more toward the several states where similar bills have failed to get to the floor and and what comes into most business owners when confronted about accepting coin. The prevailing thought people have is that they may lose money by accepting coin cause they assume that they actually have to hold coins and do not realize that now bitcoin is more similar to a credit card or bank card than it is to gold as far as accepting payments go.

On a side note it amazes me how the main stream is very much silent about all things related to the great efforts being taken up there to reside in a libertarian state. it is if they do not want the rest of the states to follow suit.

thanks howton… hope you will move here. or message me if you’d like to help us get the word out about what’s happening here, I know ways you can help. I heard that the bill has has passed committee unanimously.