New mover Riley Blake restarts civil disobedience in Keene

Liberty activist Riley Blake has begun holding “420 celebrations” on Fridays in Keene’s Railroad Square. Marijuana rights supporters meet a little after 4 p.m. at 64 Main St., some illegally lighting joints in protest of the state and Federal laws which prohibit doing so.

"Cannabis has been used for thousands of years as food, clothing, and it’s psycho-active properties have been used for spiritual practices as well. While it’s use as a spiritual tool isn’t as common today, people connect with cannabis in whatever way resonates with them. Join us weekly in Keene to celebrate this plant and connect with it how ever you wish.

Riley Blake
Free Talk Live Digest producer"

Anyone know more or have updates?


My understanding is that this has been moved to Sundays around 4pm… and the change of date has initially doubled turnout. Still at Railroad Square?

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yep 420 sunday at rr square
then 530 social sundays across the street
parking is free on sunday

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