New Hampshire Youth Strike for the Climate

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A group of about a hundred students took off from school today to attend an event in Prescott Park in Portsmouth, New Hampshire today as part of a larger day of action across the state and beyond. They brought signs, listened to speeches, and signed clipboards offered to them by political campaigners visiting from Massachusetts. Below is the video I captured from the event. It features interviews from young people explaining why they attended today and what they want their opposition to know.


Darn climate! Why’s it always got to be changing!? /s

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They should be protesting statism instead.

  • It was statism in 18/19th century that removed the Common Law ability for nearby land owners to sue factories over pollution.

  • It was statist commie hippie idiots that sabotaged investment in nuclear power, through which human greenhouse has emissions would have peaked and started to decline a lot sooner.

They should also be planting trees. At least it’s better exercise than just marching around with a sign…