N00b, lookin to sharpen up & connect

Hey y’all

I am new-to & quite interested in the Free State Project and a future relocation to New Hampshire.

I currently live in my homeland of Western Mass where I was raised by standard brainwash. :clown_face: It remains alive & well.

Since about 2012 have been committed to truly realizing personal freedom and reducing my support of the state through my living and being.

I have since done my damnedest to refuse taxes by reducing consumption, finding work off the books and claiming exempt on OTT employment.

In the last year I have been turned onto Free Talk Live and met a few inspiring individuals who’ve shared some practical steps and avenues.

Since, I have stood up to a majestrate & I intend to renunciate federal citizenship via state passport as soon as I understand the process. I also intend to make a public record stating that I have signed all previous agreements with the state under threat and coorsion.

This has been an alienating process for me, even among the punk scene where I’d first felt anarchy. (Their mostly feeling the Bern now!! 🤦)

This August I got back onto social media in hopes of connecting with a supportive internet community and to help to find real life community where I can safely (from the state) raise my future family with eyes open, knowledge, skill & wellness.

I have a lot to learn and a lot to offer.

Thanks fer meeting me here n inter-space :alien: Thanks for your existence and persistence. :fist:

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Thanks !

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Nice. Make the move!

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Glad you broke free from clownworld bro! Welcome! I’d like to know more about some of the legal stuff you are trying to do if you could point me at some resources or elaborate further.



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Hey Romeo,
Thanks brother ! Sorry for my delay. It has been a while since I have checked this forum.

So, Jay has been a great human resource, where much of the info I used with Majestrate trickled down from. It was very basic for fighting a larger speeding ticket but it felt great to go in with some knowledge of my rights such as, for something to be a c
‘Crime’ there must be an injured party and I must be able to ‘face my accuser’ (That cop) and for speeding tix. A great bet is to question;
the certification if the cop to use whichever method (often a radar) is that radar unit certified ?
Is officer certified to use it correctly ?
Was it calibrated that day ?
And the Real Gem: Did the officer calculate the Cosign Angle ??

I would not answer any excessive questions as I do not have ‘Council’ present. I simply said tho, ‘I won’t answer that.’ when they questioned where I got my information… I took my time, (as time is money) spoke and breathed slow and clear and they squirmed. Got my ‘court fee’ returned as a check and got my ticket whiped off my record, no fine. Black’s Law Dictionary appropriate to use to define ‘quoted’ words. Also good to reference Supreme Court Cases in which your reference is back … I can update more on that (basics) another time if you like.

I also found some semi-helpful info to try to better understand how to be sure to get public servant to Actually submit my record… :

I did do much other online searching to attempt to better understand ensuring a successful Public Record of renouncing my signed contracts with state as they were signed under threat and corrosion…and understand Black’s Law definition of these words… Honestly I dropped the ball over the second and half the of this winter on that proccess BC I sorta hit a wall. But I’m getting back to it now and in the mean time I’ve been versing myself more with…

This guy does great series on legally not paying taxes and I believe also “gun laws” :

Also love Sherry Peel’ Jackson’s work on escaping federal.taxation:

And this program was shared with me which I am quite interested in:


This was shared this on some shire-related chat, I found helpful and hopeful about Travelers rights:

All in all I think it’s just go-time on denouncing these contracts. Will try a bit more research but I probably know enough already to work it out. I will update once I go through the physical process for denouncing my contracts.

Feel free to connect with me on FB @ Mauss Hauss, I tend to post the most useful stuff I find there. If I come across or remember more resources I will post here.

Read your intro, glad you and your family are part of this. :sunflower:

And since I see y’all are into ‘alternative’ Nd natural health may I also suggest this amazing Crone Herbal Resource: Susun Weed. Great books, great website, great YouTube. She shares So Much Power to the People. :fist:

Ah & what I’ve done for my on-record work in last 5 years has been to clain 9 which greatly reduces what’s taken (illiminates federal). I did this BC it’s the only suggestion is ever heard Nd I had no resources… Now I’m claiming exempt. I’ve always been a guppy so I decided years back that it’s Mind Control more than anything and it’s time to just try it. Been fine but I kept OTT income around poverty level… Upcoming I plan to make what I can even on OTT, renounce my contracts and follow the advice of the honest tax returns // eventually renounce federal citizenship with this DestinationFreedom program.


Also I realize theres no Real security to say these things here but I do so because it would likely cost them more to harm me than they could get from me.

Nice meeting you at Social Sunday this weekend, @Maus_Hauss. Any plans to make the move sooner rather than later? I’m always interested in seeing courtroom theorists apply their theories and recording video of it. It almost never happens as most of them are talkers-not-doers. There’s a lot of bullshit out there.

@jaynoone is one of the only people who actually puts his beliefs into practice, but he had his home stolen by the gang despite his efforts and knowledge. So, beware there are some serious risks.

Yes, good to meet you ! Thanks again for havin’ me.

I do plan to record as a way to ensure they do as they are required and to provide another proof/resource for other folks interested in doin such. -I’m just rembering I had also watched a video of you facing an officer over a speeding ticket, was reaL helpful to get an idea of how it may go down. :raised_hands: …though mine was more casual…

I’m personally ready to make the move but logistically I have to figure it all out. I’ve peaked up north a bit via Craigslist for land/work/housing … I plan to see what I might find talking to people at Porc/fork/around…

I’m really happy with my current employment and get paid relatively well for my relatively unskilled work set… (I’ve got 3/4 seasons working under a 1.5 acre organic farmer and two seasons under a couple gardeners, some disability-services work, PCA-type & cafes)

I was just offered some land in Goshen MA so my plan is to attempt to make my camper into a year round space & prepare as I can financially this season/year while I get familiar with what y’all have going on up there and how I might make my way…

Thanks for the dose of reality, lord knows I could use reminders of caution some times. :yum:

They don’t have to follow their own rules, that’s gonna be surprise #1 to you. It’s actually rule #1 of the district courts of NH, and I suspect elsewhere as well.

### Rule 1.1. Relief from failure to comply.

As good cause appears and as justice may require, the court may waive the application of any rule, except where precluded by law.


I can’t say I’m shocked but I much appreciate you pointing that out.

Ideally I’ll figure how to make all my money off the record… I’ve been curious about bitcoin (got the bitcoin academy name the other night, will check out-but) do you happen know if bitcoin would be susceptible to income tax as well if I could find such employment ?

Only if you tell the government you got it.

That’s hopeful.

I’ve also come across the supposed truth that even OTT you are not required to fill out tax paperwork (however the employer may choose not to hire you). Also, as I understand from a few resources including Sherry Peel Jackson and this Honest Tax Returns I am not Liable for income tax unless I am working directly for the government… also, the contracts I HAVE signed were signed under duress & corrosion… I’ll continue to educate myself there best I can and hope I am granted the ability to make that stand if it came down to it. I lay low in lifestyle so my hopes are that I go unnoticed.

From your experience, do I sound foolish ? Or lost ? @FTL_Ian

You sound like you’re open-minded, but you have to be careful as all kinds of bad ideas can be placed in an open mind. Only one way to know if you’re onto something and that’s to try it out in real life. Lots of theories are online, propagated by people who have no actual experience in applying their wild ideas.

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Do you disagree with that?

Isn’t it a good thing?

It could be, if the system were honest and not corrupt.

So, I think better said for me is that, what I Know is that there’s nothing to trust in this government system and the monopoly of major industries and corporations … The media of course… To me, it’s gross what’s created by it.

And there is so much power to be had in fear … and I’ve been taught my whole life what I should believe to be a good sheep so my mind has been eagerly open to exit strategies and some naive-risk pushing boundaries.

I appreciate the ad-vise from your experience.