N00b, lookin to sharpen up & connect

Hey y’all

I am new-to & quite interested in the Free State Project and a future relocation to New Hampshire.

I currently live in my homeland of Western Mass where I was raised by standard brainwash. :clown_face: It remains alive & well.

Since about 2012 have been committed to truly realizing personal freedom and reducing my support of the state through my living and being.

I have since done my damnedest to refuse taxes by reducing consumption, finding work off the books and claiming exempt on OTT employment.

In the last year I have been turned onto Free Talk Live and met a few inspiring individuals who’ve shared some practical steps and avenues.

Since, I have stood up to a majestrate & I intend to renunciate federal citizenship via state passport as soon as I understand the process. I also intend to make a public record stating that I have signed all previous agreements with the state under threat and coorsion.

This has been an alienating process for me, even among the punk scene where I’d first felt anarchy. (Their mostly feeling the Bern now!! 🤦)

This August I got back onto social media in hopes of connecting with a supportive internet community and to help to find real life community where I can safely (from the state) raise my future family with eyes open, knowledge, skill & wellness.

I have a lot to learn and a lot to offer.

Thanks fer meeting me here n inter-space :alien: Thanks for your existence and persistence. :fist:

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Thanks !

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Nice. Make the move!

Glad you broke free from clownworld bro! Welcome! I’d like to know more about some of the legal stuff you are trying to do if you could point me at some resources or elaborate further.