My intro: Chris

I am inspired by this movement of the Shire Society and hope this movement is still ongoing and/or perhaps carried on regardless of the past results. I have been contemplating a series of concepts that run alongside the ideas presented within this movement. Perhaps a collaboration is called for.

I am a simple person who wants to see the world become a better place. I live in upstate NY. I am an inspiring entrepreneur.

I would like to meet with the founders of this movement, assuming I did not come to understand they are arrested and incarcerated for one thing or another. But would also be willing to meet and chat with every member who is willing. Perhaps we all can arrange a Twitter/X Spaces meeting or Zoom.

On my profile is a link to my Twitter feel free to follow me and talk here or there.

I found the forums by visiting the main home page of Shire Society. I cannot remember the act reason for joining. I am trying to write a document I believe would force the government to provide full disclosure and perhaps restore our rights within this nation.

Even if I fail in that or with that document I still would like to see if there are any members interested in helping me start a business that will lead to the building of a new city out at in international waters where the axioms of Shire and other ideals could be fulfilled.

Please write me and hope to write more of you soon.

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I am fairly sure the founder of this forum is in federal prison unfortunately.
Davi Barker inked the scrolls many of us have such as the one digitized on the main site page.
The Shire Society Declaration seems based off of the zero aggression principle which was floated for many years prior as your research likely uncovered.
As a declaration, anyone can adopt the SSD as our personal constitution as we’vs done.
Many of us are landlords and allow visitors. A few of us actually use the SSD as the ruleset we hold others to follow in order to fraternize with us. I’d estimate most who were delivered the SSD message are more subjective and use other standards for whom to befriend and whom to ostracize.
Good liuck building your city, what resources are you starting with?

hi Chris… head to and go to some of the bigger socials or meetings listed there, you’ll surely wind up among shire society folks and their friends.

Travel is sadly impossible for me. But are there any online hangouts? What should I be looking for within that calendar?

Does anyone know if or how I can reply to other posts on this forum? I do not seem to be able to reply to anything.

“resources ‘I am’ starting with…” Is hope and dreaming. But if I could ever find the financial means to make it happen. I want to start a series of businesses that I am confident would lead to the allowance to build the city. I suppose the only other way then to build the city would be for me to be King of Earth for a decade or two. Half way joking of course. We all could go worse than me being king of Earth.

The only thing holding that city back is funding like anything else. The business I want to open I am confident are huge returns on investment. Anyway.

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Reasonable. Having to deal with bots and spammers. Is a real pain in the @$$. If there are things I can show in good faith I am a real human being and no spammer let me know.

Could ask everyone if they might be interested in holding a periodic hangout on say Twitter I mean X Spaces. Just something fun bounce ideas and opinions; as a new forming group maybe options to see this nation or develop a new one can form. I have ideas and things I’d like to see.

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