Music Festival

I liked SomaliaFest. ShireFest could be better. I’ve got some ideas.

I keep wanting to see a music festival of liberty bands: Anarchopocalypse @ ShireFest could feature the latest and greatest of liberty music, liberty DJs and dance parties blah blah.

Are there any options besides Roger’s? What about where Rainbow did their thing in Vermont last year? Any wilderness or other large, but not Roger’s large, campgrounds?


You can’t have a proper freedom festival in Vermont! :stuck_out_tongue:


Aside from that, cool idea! You could totally do that during Shirefest/Somaliafest 2018.

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Agree 110%, Patrick. What if the music festival and SomaliaFest coincided? I was thinking it would be super sweet to have a nightclub be a vendor at SomaliaFest so people always had a badass place to party every night. There could be a different DJ or music performers every night and a place for people to rock out. What do you think?

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The Freedom’s Phoenix dome was a good start - Will’s sets were excellent and y’all’s speaker was cranking. Probably not enough room in there for a full band and audience though.

Would Rodgers let us use the pavilion? as far as having “Shirefest” not in NH dosnt work

I’ve attended a ‘hacker’ camp a couple times now that has used a portable dome as the location for its talks and other various events. It’s pretty modular, and might not be incredibly hard to replicate (they’d probably even be willing to share details) and the acoustics inside the thing are amazing. Just a thought, if you’re looking for other options. Here’s a picture of it assembled and a video of the construction:

Rogers, as I understand it, would let you rent their facilities individually, meaning if you just want to rent the pavilion, you should be able to. Then if someone else wanted to rent another venue there, they’d also be able to.

Large dome. If anyone has a shop, a machinist can make the parts to knock out a bunch of domes. Earnie can tell anyone how he did it.

Bigger domes don’t work at Roger’s but I mentioned the rainbow family because they gathered in wilderness. Wilderness and domes sounds sweet.

Any middle of the woods ‘public’ land?

the White Mountains are also kind of big, and may have more area where you could set-up and not be harassed by gov’t agents