My name is Mustapha Cole, a sierra Leonean by nationality in to Business and charity work. Helping fix mindset to that of growth one.

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Musta is a long time caller on Free Talk Live and when he emailed me I suggested he introduce himself to all of us via this forum. My understanding is that he wants to attend Porcfest but does net yet have… government permission to? Is that correct?


Welcome! Very important issue! I watched a documentary called Poverty Incorporated that powerfully expressed the need for helping people in a way that makes them more able to care for themselves, not less. I love how Austrian economics shows how business does that.

I will love to have the Poverty Incorporated document so I can read over as I have tried my best to attend the porcfest festival since 2016.I need helping hand and sponsor that can help me out. Thanks

Here’s a preview of the documentary:

What are your business skills?

If you’re looking for a sponsorship, maybe try the Free State Project Facebook group:

Or the FSP Job alert group:

Hope this helps!