Moving up there to the Shire

Hi folks,

I will be moving up to NH within the next couple of mobths. I’m thinking somewhere in the Keene area for now. I am hoping to connect with people before I officially move up there. I’m eager to live around folks who see many things the way I do, as statism is pervasive here in Massachusetts. Anyways, I just turned 36, I have many hobbies and interests, hoping to find others who dig the things I do. I found this forum through Free Talk Live. I’m trying to plot a new course and would love to connect with like minded folks. I’m hoping to hear from you liberty folks soon.

-Ben D


From what you said, we have very similar profiles. I’m 37 and planning to move within a few months, possibly to Keene.

What are some of your interests? I’d be happy to connect!


Hi Jeff,

Some of my interests include playing music (jamming), basic things like getting together with people and making fire, and of course bashing the state. I have too many interests to list here. I want to live what I see to be a more classically human life, not this synthetic manufactured life that gov schools and the mainstream media/politicians turn our lives into. What are you into? What is driving you to relocate up there?


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Wow, so exciting! If you like rock music, you may enjoy meeting Aria and Captain Kickass and Michael Gordon - they are all in a band together.

Awesome! I would love to meet and jam with folks up there. Really looking forward to leaving MA. I feel like I am seeking refuge from the tyranny which is ever increasing. I am very disappointed by how completely unquestioning most people are. I look forward to getting to know folks who don’t believe everything the TV tells them, folks who want to live a real human life, and not live in this super domesticated way that the state wants us to live in.

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Yea, welcome. There are definitely people here with your interests in mind and Ian has already stated. I moved a number of years ago now. Similar age range and all that. There are some really great people here.


Oops, I forgot to respond!

Let’s see… I like science, wrestling for sport, backpacking, and hanging out with my friends and cat, advocating for liberty, and exercising my freedoms, particularly at naked-friendly beaches, parties, and festivals, like Bay to Breakers, Burning Man, and occasionally Porcfest :slight_smile:

I’m headed to NH for “liberty in my lifetime.” I love SF; it has peerless natural beauty, a fun and inclusive culture, great weather, lots of opportunities, and my really close friends. But the Progressive government has run rampant for decades and has unwavering support. There’s a lot of crime, grime, homelessness, high rent for slum living, animosity towards tech workers in some industries, Leftist extremism (e.g., political violence). All in a city with a larger budget than most countries :grimacing:

Have you arrived in NH? Find a place to live? Some people also recommended the Seacost.

Omfg there’s one group of people at my job that are even more delighted than those who were allowed to escape Portland and it’s the folks who were allowed to escape SF

Welcome, please hit me up if you find yourself in Laconia or the greater lakes region.


Will do! Thanks for being welcoming!

Definitely getting antsy to make get up there. Jeff, I lived in SF for about 2 years. I feel very similar ways about the place, strong mixed feelings. The damn street sweeping tickets and parking tickets were literally enough to almost bankrupt me and I had to leave SF…the seacoast of NH is great. I’ve spent tons of time in that area and have grown to love it over the years. Portsmouth is great but it does have some Boston sort of elements that are very offputting. Definitely gotta weigh the positives and negatives though. I’m low on FRNs so moving up there has been difficult for me. Got some alternatives to them but they wouldn’t be useful until meeting like minded liberty people. Anyways, anxious to make it up there and intend to asap. Lemme know how it goes for you, Jeff.


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hope you can make it up soon bd!