Moved from WA

Hello all,

I am a liberty loving hippie who fell in love with y’all at my first porcfest this year. In the few months since, I have packed up everything I own, and lived on the road on my way over here. I am renting a room in MA, while I look for work and housing near Keene or elsewhere. I want to start a homestead and grow my own food forest and sacred plant medicines. I have been thinking about starting a family a lot lately and I want to do so in a place where I feel politically safe. When I left WA, they had just mandated a second wave of masking. I am eager to meet new people and fellow liberty lovers. I plan to spend the next few weeks, continuing to live on the road, camping around NH and exploring while looking for good work.

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Welcome. Finding work in Keene, and presumably anywhere else in NH, shouldn’t be too hard. Now hiring signs are up EVERYWHERE.

Have you stopped into a Social Sunday yet?

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Welcome, Nick! Congratulations on your bold move.

My home state of NC also instituted a second wave of masking recently. NH is a much better place to be!

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so crazy with the mask mandates … some places I go only the employees are wearing masks … my subway shop tonight had 2 unmasked employees in MS

Welcome to the Northeast. I also moved from Washinton.

Here is a list of companies in NH. If you can, please help us update with with information on who requires vaccines.


welcomz nick