More "Picketing" Trial Video, All Defendants Found Not Guilty!

Originally published at: More “Picketing” Trial Video, All Defendants Found Not Guilty! | Free Keene

As we reported here at Free Keene last year, nine peaceful activists were ticketed for violating the unconstitutional ordinance against “picketing” outside the NH governor’s house in Newfields, New Hampshire. All but one of the nine have fought the bullshit charge.

Last month, the first “not guilty” verdict came in the case of Frank “Footloose” Staples. Now, five more of the “Newfields Nine” have also been found not guilty. Libertarian attorney Seth Hipple filed a motion to dismiss where he argued the Newfields picketing ordinance is unconstitutional, but the robed woman ignored those arguments when finding the defendants not guilty, which means the illegal ordinance remains in place.

Here are the videos from the trials of five of the Newfields Nine, both trial dates combined into one video:

What can be done? I heard there is a NH constitutional amendment that says all NH taxpayers have standing, meaning they can sue if the government is overstepping it’s authority.

wooo that would drive them nuts if everyone had standing lol

Article 8. Taxpayer money was spent in enforcement for an unconstitutional ordinance. So maybe it could be challenged…