Moar covid bs

Last Saturday (1/2/21) we were shorthanded at work. So management offered to buy lunch, because we couldnt leave for a lunch break. We then decided on subway for lunch, wrote down what we all wanted and then sent our delivery person to get it. This person is deaf and therefore tried to give the subway person the piece of paper, as opposed to try and answer any questions that he may not understand.
They refused to help him, then told him to leave, citing covid-19. he came back to work angry; so one of the guys called that subway and asked for the manager. He then gave the manager the riot act, explaining the driver was deaf and has a hard time with spoken communication. They apologized profusely and took the order over the phone.

TLDR: deaf person tries to get lunch at a subway using written communication, and gets refused due to covid.

Yikes! Though not terribly surprised. There is a war going on and everybody is at risk even the people they’re supposedly doing these things to protect.

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update: his highness , (Utah) governor cox, has mandated that all businesses must force employees to wear masks.
so my at my job we are a bunch of non-conformists, and didnt follow the governors (unconstitutional in many ways) order. so some karen turned us in to the state for “not wearing masks”. so instead of just not patronizing our business, this karen came in again and turned us in again, which prompted the state to send a nasty letter to my works owner. the letter was essentially a threat “If this happens again we will levy fines and possibly close your business” .
so my manager posted a notice on all the doors that goes like so:

Wearing a mask is your choice
We are being forced under threats of fines and closure by Governor Cox to mandate our employees to wear masks.
We do appreciate your business and thank you for coming in.

i wear one of these for a mask :

If I was to, (i wont). This would be my choice of muzzle: