Mesh Network is organizing an open mesh network. Last years network worked and was useful.

All are invited to load the latest LibreMesh software onto a compatible router and set it up at your campsite or hotel room. is a group working on bringing cooperative and competitive encrypted mesh networking to the Shire with the intent of building a distributed ISP using the software. However, for the festivals a wireless open mesh network is betters :smiley:


Bonus points if you connect your router to an internet source.

Bonus points? Are you gamifying mesh networking?

I know Roger’s does not want anyone selling wifi service, that being said, I know a tech pirate that could, can get very good internet service from a local tower that could connect to the mesh network. For the Forkfest/porcfest this would cost him several hundred dollars.

If this was to happen, and any one can just hop on the mesh network, can there be a popup add, that would give mesh network users a QR code to donate crypto?

This would be a nice experiment to see if volutarist are into voluntarily paying for the internet roads.


I think when its voluntary, without any way to know how much money is needed, you might get way more than needed to cover cost, or way less. Likely less. There are a few ways we could require payment or suggest a donation. If he wants to do it he knows where I am, and I’m willing to work on the captive portal part (so a QR code for donations pops up)

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