Meet me

Hello there. I’m Ron. I’m over 30. I self-identify as Godzilla.

I’m disappointed by the bigotry on the radio program. You people are hypocrites. I’m here to spend just a few minutes discussing your hypocrisy.

I found this forum by searching for it after listening to the streaming audio. Btw, I have removed your awful pro-oppression hate-speech stream from my main website.

So how is everyone doing today? It’s hot here today in North Carolina.

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Welcome. Ok, what bigotry?

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they might be hypocrites in many ways … which ones were you thinking of?

I was talking with a nice gentleman on Sunday evening after Social Sundays in Keene Central Square/Circle/Upside Pentagram. We had a pleasant discussion, even though we must have many disagreements on many issues.

which reminds me that this Saturday afternoon the NHDems are gunna fix us FreeStaters

I’m a conservative libertarian who identifies as independent/unaffiliated these days because most libertarians are idiots. They believe in legalizing weed or cocaine or whatever they personally like, but they seem to have no concept of liberty in general. And then we have “What is Aleppo?” Gary Johnson and such.

I feel bad for the comrade who told me about the Free State Project so many years ago. I wonder if he has killed himself yet. What a disappointment it has been. Glad I wasn’t lured to Vermont. He should’ve known like I did. We just believe people shouldn’t be locked up for looking at pictures or having consensual sex, but that’s too much for today’s libertarians.

Anyway, I heard some obnoxious bigotry against the oppressed sexual minorities on the audio stream, but since removing the stream from my website, I’ve realized that these people and their hypocrisy are completely irrelevant and insignificant, and I don’t have time to be a buddha to enlighten a small group of idiots to truths that you are too lazy to already know. Have a nice life. I’ll be sure to drive around Vermont.

And thank you so much for insulting me and spitting upon me and my rights with the arrogant bigotry in the stream. I really appreciate that. That’s what I came here to complain about. Mission accomplished. Later.


Sorry, I don’t have pleasant discussions with people who don’t support my basic human rights.

This guy thinks the FSP is in Vermont. Clearly a good listener.

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that was what I was getting … maybe he has some details mixed up