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I was try to figure out how make a mushroom grow kit, and legally produce spores for it. It looks psilocybin is legal in Jamaica, so you can grow shrooms there to produce spores. I found a nice 5000sqft house with 2 acres of fruit trees for $200k US. Few minutes drive to the beach.

You could use the place to produce spores and as a shroom retreat.

There has been a shroom retreat in Jamaica for a few years.



Sounds like a good business to get in before anyone else really does.

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Yeah. It seems like there is currently a lot of interest, and most people want to stay legal.

I’m wondering what happened to property prices. 15-20 years ago things were more expensive. Did Black Lives Matter happen there, and all the white people want to sell their property now?

It also looks like Jamaica is getting onboard with herbal medicine.



Could have been an income tax spike.

At least the property taxes are cheap:



I do like that low property tax. It’s around 0.8% if I am reading that right.

When I was investigating property in Jamaica back in 2004, an interest rate on a mortgage there would have been 14%. I didn’t keep looking after I learned that.

I looked again around 2009-2010, but my budget was only 100k, and there was nothing close to what I wanted for that price. I think there may have been rioting going on in Kingston at the time too.

Looks like it’s still pretty rough there.

St. Elizabeth parish isn’t mentioned as being fucked, and that is the area I would want to be in. Specifically Treasure Beach.

Looks like MycoMeditations is at Treasure Beach.



“Many Jamaicans have emigrated to other countries, especially to the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. In the case of the United States, about 20,000 Jamaicans per year are granted permanent residence.”

I think it’s all the islands in the area, some of the highest crime rates in the world. More dangerous then lots of Africa. I met a black woman from St.Kitts a couple of years ago who said she’s glad her mom decided to move here when she was still a kid.



Looks like a lot of the crime is tied to the drug trade.

In 2005, Jamaica had 1,674 murders for a murder rate of 58 per 100,000 people.[5] That year, Jamaica had the highest murder rate in the world.[2] In November 2008, the Jamaican Parliament voted to retain the death penalty, which is performed by hanging.[6]

There were 1,682 reported murders in 2009 and 1,428 in 2010. Since 2011 the murder rate has continued to fall following the downward trend started in 2010, with increases in police patrols, curfews, and more effective anti-gang activities.[7] In 2012, the Ministry of National Security reported a 30 percent decrease in murders.[8] Many of the murders in Jamaica are connected to organized crime in the country’s urban centers, and most of this organized crime involves the illegal drug trade.

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There are many ways for people to improve their health without constantly expecting doctors to prescribe something.
Mushrooms are good for you in other ways. Just getting out into the woods and noticing all the different ones that are shooting up this year is good for the soul. It’s been an incredible summer for wild shrooms. I eat 'em.
Cep Bolettes-high culinary value and plentiful in June-July. Red Cap Bolettes- very common. Even kids love 'em.
My new favorite is Reishi aka ganoderma tsugae- they grow on rotted hemlock here in New England. Big health benefits if you consume it in tea or tincture. Here’s info from online. From ganoderma lucidum which is very similar to our New England Reishi’s:

  1. Detoxification

Reishi can help to regenerate healthy liver cells more quickly, which means more effective detoxification. It is also known to help remedy liver diseases and liver damage.

  1. Cognitive Ability

The reishi mushroom can help protect the brain from seizures. It can also stimulate both cognitive ability and nerve growth.

  1. Immune System Boost

Reishi mushrooms contain beta-glucans, as well as other compounds that can help strengthen the immune system.

  1. Antioxidant

Reishi mushrooms are an amazing source of antioxidants. They can increase antioxidant activity in the liver and protect the blood from oxidants.

  1. Lower Blood Pressure

Reishi can help improve blood flow and reduce the amount of oxygen used by the heart, which leaves more oxygen for the rest of the body. It may also reduce the amount of bad cholesterol.

  1. Inflammation Reduction

Reishi is well known to have inflammation reducing properties. It increases the amount of blood flow to the brain and can help when your body is suffering from a headache or recovering from an injury.

  1. Respiratory Support

Reishi can reduce irritation and allergic reactions that occur with asthma and bronchitis.

  1. Anti-Aging

This mushroom can help boost immune system and blood vessel health. It can neutralize free radicals, which helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases and premature aging.

  1. Mental Energy

By helping to balance hormones in the body, reishi mushrooms can help boost your mental energy.

  1. Cancer Prevention

Reishi can help prevent and reduce tumor and cancer cells, even in advanced stages.