Massachusetts and vaping

at one point one of the hosts started on how constitutional the proposed Mass. law on vaping is.
i contend that it doesnt matter. politicians routinely ignore that document, except when it suits their purpose to drag it out to say “see we obeyed the constitution” when trying to shove some draconian law down our thoughts. an example of this is the ACA (obamacare) . when the public uproar became to much the senate ethics committee on this sent the bill back to the proposer because parts might be unconstitutional, which the proposer changed it slightly and then loudly proclaimed “see we fixed it to comply with the constitution” .
another is states taxing imports into their state. this is patently unconstitutional (article 1 section 10 for those that care). you might say “the federal courts said…” ; to which i say read the part where it says “all such Laws shall be subject to the Revision and Controul of the Congress” .
thus the courts have no jurisdiction.
but since the courts exist to extract money from us (for the most part) i suspect by suing over this you will simply exhaust your own funds, and the state wins by default.