ManCamp @forkfest


ManCamp is on for forkfest

At man camp you will learn to, use many tools the include, but are not limited to:
Mig welder
Oxy acetylene torch (cutting and welding steel.
Portable bands saw
High speed grinders
And more…

How to:
Sharpen a knife
Sharpen a chain saw

There will be some create your own metal art, such as horse shoe coat hangers, iron towel holder, possible a forge your own knife day, and other iron art.

I will have a daily, Tool Identification class.

I am open to suggestions and if anyone has a skill they want to share, let me know.

I will post the schedule as it gets built.


Excellent, excellent, excellent, Jay Noone. I intend to be at all (or most) of your presentations…as many as I can. Good stuff and thank you!


How many people would be interested in taking a hand cuff lock picking class?

There can be a few options one would be just show up and take the class, an other option is pay for a pair of clear hand cuffs that you can take home and use for

We are looking at $30 to $40 for the money part.

This class would be taught by Silver Dave


Damn Jay, I thought maybe I would skip Forkfest this year but that sounds awesome. I’ll try to work it into the schedule.


Jay Noone, [29.04.19 22:19]
ManCamp workshops, if you plan on attending ManCamp at forkfest, and want attend any works shops PM me. and watch the Youtube video, if there is a link . Forging classes with be limited to 2 people per anvil and 2 anvils per forge , As of may 1st I plan on bringing 1 forge and 2 anvils. If there is a lot of interest in the forging projects I will gather more anvils and forges.

  1. Hammers

  2. Basic tool Identification

3)chainsaw chain sharpening

  1. Forge a steel coat rack, based on this video

  2. forge a steel hook, step 1 from above

  3. forge a steel bottle opener based on this video,

  4. MIG welding

  5. Oxygen acetylene torch cutting and welding.

  6. Weld your own horse shoe art.
    10)forge your own fire poker
    ) FreeRoss metal art build (group effort) to sell a FreeRoss benefit auction