Is anyone here a witch? I’ve been looking for people to learn from I’ve been kind of practicing (with or without meaning to) for probably 5 years now, but I still feel like there’s so much to learn

Any feminist will do, Natasha. :slight_smile:

btw did u guys know that Condon was the first free stater arrested in the line of duty? in 2002 i think! they got him for handing out FSP flyers (fliers?) at a gun show and we got a fair amount of attention for the movement as a result of his sacrifice.

LOL Dave. That was at the NRA national convention in Orlando, Florida in April 2003. I was a credentialed member of the convention and was handing out pro-2nd Amendment, pro-Free State Project flyers outside the convention hall ("If you like the Second Amendment, you’re going to LOVE the Free State Project")…and they tried to chase me away. I wouldn’t leave, so they had me arrested. I could have used a White witch at the time for some help…but no such luck. :slight_smile:

I am not sure you understand. Feminism is completely different from witchcraft. I do not mean the “blah blah I am cool cause I do witchy stuff” people. Those are not real witches. What I am looking for is actual witchcraft, where you use sympathetic magic to make the world a little bit better. You might have said this as a “I’m being funny” thing, but I am serious.

Witches are traditionally seen as vicious and dangerous, Natasha, and thus to be feared. I made a joke about all feminists being witches, but am also aware of good witches (or White witches, if you will). That’s why I specified a White witch could have helped when I was in jail for exercising Constitutional rights on behalf of the Free State Project.

There are like minded people and groups on telegram.
Happy to help you connect there.

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