(LTE) NHexit: Legislation would let the people vote on independence

Matt in response to your request I’ve Submitted this as an LTE

"NHexit: Legislation would let the people vote on independence

At the imperial level next year, you will have a slate of arguably dodgy presidential candidates to pick from. But at the state level you will have a much more meaningful opportunity to counter D.C. abuses.

New Hampshire has Rep. Jason Gerhard’s CACR20. If passed, this legislation would trigger what is essentially a Brexit-style referendum on independence from the U.S. government. All New Hampshire voters would be able to decide whether we want to continue participating in Washington’s inflation, its unconstitutional SWAT raids on NH Bitcoin businesses and its TORTURE CHAMBERS.

Passage of this desperate legislation is a hyper-longshot - for now. The establishment gatekeepers at Concord will try to keep you from being able to vote on this. But as the Scottish and Quebecois secession drives have proven…you don’t have to completely achieve independence to have a positive effect on a central government. Just moving in that direction is a peaceable deterrent which tends to increase local control.

The hearing for Gerhard’s legislation will likely occur between January and March at the state house complex. Visit Forum.ShireSociety.com to find out more as we get closer.

Dave Ridley