LRN.FM hosts begin calling this event "Forkfest"

Who came up with that name? We’re loving it here at the LRN.FM studio.

We’re calling it for June 14th - 18th, 2018.

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that would be ME!!!

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Trademark it!

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As far as branding goes, it’s pretty horrible. It’s not really a festival, and it has nothing to do with forks. I guess it’s just as good as last years name. Might as well just change the name every year.

It’s almost like you just want something that sounds like porcfest. If that is the case you could have just gone with porkfest, and have a pig roast so there is a reason to have the name.

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I like ForcFest (closer to Porc) but the fork has to do with forking blockchains. A process by which there are two chains and neither is the official or original; the market provides and the individual decides.

it’s a hard fork of ShireFest/SomaliaFest - which themselves weren’t really festivals either. Every attendee to ShireFest/SomaliaFest gets 1 free ForkFest for each ShireFest/SomaliaFest they possessed at the time of the creation of ForkFest!

that’s a good idea, you can do that at ForkFest!


Fuck yeah, Blackie’s Porkfest Pig Roast. Don’t let us down. :slight_smile:

Yes, but also “fork” is also another word for the schisms that have happened many times within the NH liberty movement. As every movement grows larger, schisms or forks become more inevitable. It’s a good thing that should be embraced. So this festival does that, as it did under its other names.

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I’m going to steal this image for my graphic

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FuckFest next year…

It can be fuck fest every year, if you put in some effort.