Looks like the FBI is officially admitting that probably everyone on ShireSociety should be considered a domestic terrorist

I haven’t seen the original document, but for what it’s worth -

Ya’ll aren’t going to be free in the US as long as the FBI and the IRS are still around.

I know, I know, New Hampshire is going to secede! Sure, meanwhile, I have seceded already and you can do, anytime you want.


There is a 5 minute video at

This video is Senator Cruz’s questioning of FBI director Wray about the document.

There has been reaction to everything, including the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, by New Hampshire Senate hopefuls.
Note that many people are now calling for the elimination or at least restructuring of the FBI, attacks on FBI properties and agents are at an all-time high, and Trump has raised record levels of campaign funds.

The FBI won’t get one penny less in funding due to some grumpy Republicans complaining on the Internet. The US is circling the drain. It is just a matter of time.

I’m camping out in the Ozarks in between festivals here(see midfest.info). I paid nothing to park and have only wilderness and invited guests around currently.
While I agree more outreach should be done to reduce compliance and support for those domestic crime organizations you mention, most of their clients and subjects, the people mostly endorse them when the time comes…
I disagree that I need to leave their turf to be free. The fact is there just isnt as much freedom available for visitors of other countries. By consolidating here in freedom cells and enjoying freedoms together we are both free from within and outwardly in communities expressing our freedoms.
The last time I was detained ended with a “Fuck You” to the agent.
Government Paperwork doesnt impede my freedom and there just aren’t that many enforcers. I will continue to seek out freedom lovers while distancing myself from statists and dishonorable supposed voluntaryists. Filling out more forms and fleeing from the battle here is not my path to enjoying freedom.

I think that freedom isn’t one thing. The FSP with its declaration “We have the free-est state!” is misleading insomuch as who cares how free NH is if I can’t add an addition on my house, smoke pot or not have my office raided for thinly vailed Freedom of Speech violations? Different places offer different freedoms, and if a person will sit down with themselves for an evening and be honest about what it takes to make them happy and feel free, they may come up with NH as a solution or they may come up with Mexico, but if you outsource the decision to zealots, expect a less than satisfactory answer.

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I’m looking to grow my network of SS Voluntaryists.
Specifically happy to visit those living anywhere from Colorado to northern TX. Then back to the Shire where we’re ubiquitous…