Looks like the FBI is officially admitting that probably everyone on ShireSociety should be considered a domestic terrorist

I haven’t seen the original document, but for what it’s worth -

Ya’ll aren’t going to be free in the US as long as the FBI and the IRS are still around.

I know, I know, New Hampshire is going to secede! Sure, meanwhile, I have seceded already and you can do, anytime you want.


There is a 5 minute video at

This video is Senator Cruz’s questioning of FBI director Wray about the document.

There has been reaction to everything, including the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, by New Hampshire Senate hopefuls.
Note that many people are now calling for the elimination or at least restructuring of the FBI, attacks on FBI properties and agents are at an all-time high, and Trump has raised record levels of campaign funds.

The FBI won’t get one penny less in funding due to some grumpy Republicans complaining on the Internet. The US is circling the drain. It is just a matter of time.