Looking for someone in NH who can post

My introduction is someone who is concerned about an injustice in CA. I have another account …

Looking for someone in NH (or elsewhere in USA) who can help me send many letters to different addresses in the USA (mostly California) to hoepfully get an wrongfully convicted man from prison.

I am based in Europe and hence posting it from here would both take very long and cost alot of money.

I would pay for stamps etc and send a package with the envelopes and papers needed and send email with what needs to be printed out every other day or so.

My idea is to try to contact the Gov. of California, Gavin NEWSOM, for him to pardon or commute the sentence of this man.

Free Talk Live will probably talk about this case later this month and do an interview with either myself or his daughter.

The case is CLEAR case of self defense and he has spent over 12 years in prison now and we need to get him out. I have met with his daughter in France. He is American but has his family in France.

You can either send PM here, reply or use email address below