Looking for some freedom


Hello, my name is David W. Hamilton. I’m a lifelong libertarian anarcho-capitalist and an avid cryptocurrency user. I support the rights of others to do things I disagree with. I’m not a social conservative, I’m a libertarian. If you have a solution that involves less freedom and less autonomy you can count me out. I support drug legalization, prostitution legalization, gambling legalization, precious metals, lowering taxes, limiting government, free trade, property rights, private contracts, jury nullification, getting rid of victimless crimes, freedom of speech, the real right to self defense, anonymity, etc.

I’m here because I want to live in a world with more personal freedom and less nanny state control. I don’t yet live in New Hampshire but if I can find someone looking for a hard working employee I will have no problem moving to where freedom minded people are most needed.

I found this forum on Reddit while looking for job listings in New Hampshire. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself and tell you what I’m all about.