Looking for Coos County people

20 year NH resident. 1 year in Coos. Empty nester with time to help coordinate and participate in activities. Anybody out there?


Im up here in Colebrook. Whereabouts are you in Coos? What convinced you to move up here?

I live in Gorham. We lived in Freedom, NH from 2000 to 2015 and then thought as empty nesters we’d try Fl. We missed the small NE town feel and both worked from home even pre Covid, so thought we’d try farther north. Colebrook was on the list as well. We love the mountains and simple lifestyle of the North Country, and just looking for people that want to truly live free vs. expecting government solutions for every little thing. I’ve read a few of your posts here, and thanks for reaching out.

Yes totally. Most people up here have their own business they operate out of their homes. I am excited to see how the north develops as people start to migrate to New Hampshire. This really is the best place for freedom in New Hampshire.

Hi from Whitefield. We have a pretty active group, actually. We do monthly potlucks and have a monthly market where you can buy and sell all kinds of things.

Here’s our MeWe page. We have a fb group by the same name. The fb group is more active but we have people in both places.

Likely not joining any other kind of electronic social media. If it works for people, great, but just this group here was a leap for me. Just glad to know we’re not alone. Perhaps as things progress, we’ll all choose or finally be forced (myself included) to gather in mass and be heard.