Liberty Activism Ideas

I had some ideas in the same vein as copblock, robin hooding, chalking, etc.

Disruption of uniformity in a group of growing plants

This is not a new idea and has been done before; for instance, by planting a public garden. But I think it’s worth considering a generalization of this idea. No individual plant is necessarily being harmed while the aspect of the group of plants is changed. This is a useful metaphor for persons in a society and so the action has added meaning. This action is well refined by crop circle makers. Even in large areas of fields, individual plants are not harmed and are in fact stimulated to grow asymmetrically thus bending the stalk with microwave emissions (according to current understanding). This principle of creating a message with minimal disruption to the system is used many places. Whether it’s indentation in a plastic product to print a logo or coloration of a material that doesn’t significantly alter it physically but does significantly alter its appearance, it shouldn’t be unfamiliar. In practice, this could be achieved by watering plants unevenly or mowing the lawn unevenly or (relevant to new hampshire) clearing or piling snow unevenly.

Marking violent persons red-handed

I remember from a chemistry class when we were using a silver nitrate solution and some of it got onto my skin, the skin was stained for maybe a week a dark purplish sort of color. This is the sort of effect I am seeking; a stain that would last a moderate amount of time. Maybe a ferrous compound could achieve a temporary red coloration; a chemist would know better. The chemical compound could be applied over a barrier that is on the skin so that when a person thus equipped is manipulated by force, the offender would be marked.

Adding a fractal layer so that an institution can self-examine

The idea here is that if an institution is worthy then it shouldn’t be disrupted when presented with an image of itself.
Example 1: A person sets up shop to receive deposits, emit loans and offer other financial services inside of a bank.
Example 2: A person provides towels in addition to the towels already provided in a public bath.
Example 3: A person examines the credentials and bodies of persons at a controlled crossing (border crossing, airport checkpoint, etc.) in addition to the others officially doing this.
Example 4: A person not paid to do so picks up trash in some public space (along the side of the road, on the beach, etc.).
Example 5: A person sets up a toll booth on the road to a secret military base.
Example 6: A person independant of refugee camp organizers builds dwellings inside the camp.
Example 7: A person in a library places a book back where it was found instead of on the shelf marked with a sign “place books here for reshelving”.
The reader can probably imagine how differently such experiments would go and based on how violent the reaction of the institution is when presented with itself, we gain information about which institutions are worthy and which are not.

Wealth redistribution coordinator

Whenever an authority-based argument is made, wield a similar authority to show how ridiculous the argument is.
Example 1: “Why do you need my personal information?” “It’s my job.” “Pay me 100 dollars.” “What?” “It’s my job.” “What’s your job?” "Wealth Redistribution Coordinator."
Example 2: “The guidelines say that you can’t be here after 6 p.m.” “Pay me 100 dollars.” “No.” “My guidelines say that you must pay me 100 dollars.” “What guidelines are you talking about?” “The Wealth Redistribution Coordinator guidelines.”

These are just a few ideas and I would like to have pointed out the principle of altering the whole by the alteration of individuals rather than applying a procrustean bed to everyone. By appreciating the principle, more useful ideas can come from it rather than merely uncritically adding a few possible tools to the toolbox. Some social elements that could be worked on are: paying taxes, locked doors, borders, identification cards, fences designed to restrict humans, non-free code (software), implicit citizenship, nuclear power, combustion propulsion, static law documentation as opposed to dynamically interactive and inspectable law documentation (some are championing blockchain as a way to improve this), genetically static food, nudity restriction, lawyers incentivized to be ineffective, freedom of movement, and there are many more. As always, think for yourself and adapt situationally.

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