Libertarians enter Nashua flag flap

the union leader article looks like it’s dripping with interesting contempt for the demonstrators but it’s behind a paywall… anyone able to see it?

Sent to Nashua mayor.

"Mayor Donchess::

Question for you… In a recent Union Leader article you indicated one of your employees was threatened in a social media post. This was reportedly over the decision not to fly a pine tree flag at city hall.

I have a policy of what you might call “nonviolent discipline enforcement” within the NH liberty movement. There are many limits to what I can do, but the idea is to warn, then if necessary ostracize, individuals who threaten government workers.

Can you send me a link to, or copy of, the social media post you were concerned about? If not, can you send me the exact quote or inform me who wrote it?


Dave Ridley
NHexit. com

I’ve had to insert a space within NHexit . com or it will display like an image. Still can’t stand this crappy interventionist forum software!

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