Libertarian Party Brings Communist Victory

Fake-libertarian communist operative Jo Jorgensen is likely the top reason if/when Trump loses.

  • LP got 1.24% in Georgia; Trump-Biden difference 0.08%

  • LP got 1.15% in Pennsylvania; Trump-Biden difference 0.28%

  • LP got 1.17% in Wisconsin; Trump-Biden difference 0.63%

  • LP got 1.44% in Arizona; Trump-Biden difference 1.17%

(Current numbers from Fox, archived: .is / .org.)

There was also massive Demonrat cheating before, during, and after the election - but it’s impossible to say how many votes have been affected.

I voted for the Libertarian Party in many prior elections, when the alternative was RINOs like Bush and McCain. But anyone voting for them in 2020 is either a communist or a retard! :rage:

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Wow. That’s big. I really think the Trump campaign was unprepared for the many tricks the other side played in this election. Our version of Jo Jorgensen was Kayne West. Trump could have won Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan if Kanye had campaigned harder, and got on the ballot in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Detroit.

For me the choice was between Trump and a protest vote (LP, CP, writing in “Ayn Rand”, etc). And I made a rational, mature decision to vote for Donald Trump.

We all need to accept the fact that it’s a two-party system, and voting for anyone other than Republicans benefits the communists. The time to push the Republican Party in the right direction is the primaries - like Ron Paul, who alone accomplished more education and outreach running in the GOP primaries than all the global Libertarian Parties in all of their history combined!

After LP was hijacked by JoJo, who has zero qualifications of a good libertarian candidate, and she fellated the communist terrorists and mainland China, Trump became literally the most libertarian option on the ballot! His track record in cutting regulations and standing up to communists was far better than anyone could even imagine in 2016 (when I still voted LP). The Demonrats, at the same time, went even more insane - making them a lot more dangerous than ever before!

It’s very sad that almost half of Gary Johnson’s voters didn’t understand that, and voted for the LP, handing over our nation to the communists (or at least making it that much easier for them to cheat and steal the election)…

So: fuck all communists and their “useful idiots”, fuck big-L Libertarians, fuck small-l libertarians that didn’t vote for Trump, fuck the fake “left” libertarians that bullied me out of the Free State Project for my speech, fuck the MSM, and fuck the book-burning platforms (Facebook, Reddit, Free Talk Live) that destroyed the fruits of my life…

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