Letters to the Judge -Time is running out!

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We’re not happy about it, but the jury has spoken. I was found guilty of all eight non-violent, victimless charges I faced at trial in December. Though we are going to appeal all eight counts, I have to be sentenced before the appeal can be filed. The prosecution is asking for upwards of 20 years, however no charge has a minimum sentence, so in theory I could receive time served for the 69 days I’ve already done and then some amount of probation or home confinement in lieu of prison. It’s all up to the judge.

If I have had a positive effect on your life, perhaps you’d consider writing a letter to judge Laplante to explain why you think I should remain out of prison. What kind of benefit have I brought you and the community as a whole? Why does putting me behind bars cause more harm than leaving me out in productive society? These are some of the things you may want to focus on in your letter.

While you likely have strong feelings about the FBI, the prosecution, or the jury in this case, none of that will be relevant to the sentencing hearing, so leave out your opinions on the process, please. While I have my critiques of the prosecutors, I’ve said along the way that I was surprised at how fair Joseph Laplante was, so I’m optimistic. He’s been thoughtful, is capable of changing his mind, and played things fairly evenly during the process.

Please address your letter to “The Honorable Joseph Laplante” or “Judge Laplante”. You may want to talk a little about yourself and what you do for a living and what you have done, especially with regard to any military or government work.

You are welcome to send a draft to me via email at ian at freetalklive.com or if you are confident in what you’ve written, send a signed original via snail mail – include your contact info – to:
Ian Freeman
63 Emerald St. #610
Keene, NH 03431

Please don’t delay as we need these well in advance of the April 14th sentencing date. Thank you.

Why didn’t you ask more of us to testify for you at trial?
Kinda like hindsight to try to correct their record on you after the fact but hopefully it works.

Doesn’t work like that. Only people with testimony to the charges at hand were relevant. Letters to the judge do not correct the court record. They simply ask for leniency in sentencing.

I know nearly nothing about this situation. However, It seems to me that you took a Don’t ask and Don’t tell approach to a business endeavor. Many major banks and financiers take the same approach and I do not see the Government agents abusing them.

Snail mailed my signed letter for the judge…to Ian last week:

"I’m vague on whether sentencing-related communication with Federal judges is allowed, but if so then here is my open letter for the Federal court at Concord, NH…to do with as you please.

Feb. 8, 2023

Judge Joseph Laplante
Warren Rudman Courthouse
53-55 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301

Judge Laplante:

Some thoughts regarding your Bitcoin-related defendant, Ian Freeman…who I have known since 2006. In this time of mishandled monetary policy…Ian honestly and reliably provided an alternate, inflation-resistant asset. In this time of censorship and de-platforming, he provided a constructive outlet for civic discourse. If you or any of your government’s supporters had called in, he would have given you the same airtime he gives everyone and has given me hundreds of times.

As an advertiser on my own show for over 10 years…Ian was a good client and proved reliable and helpful. The torture-chamber-running empire you represent has proven to be the opposite and has become a smothering menace to the innocent people of New Hampshire, as evidenced by this witch hunt.

I believe a Bitcoin machine I used was one of Ian’s, although I’m vague on which ones he owned outright if any. I was happy with the transaction and with the price. But the machine disappeared into your crappy institution’s prosperity-prevention-dungeon. Why did your policy enforcement officers steal my ability to buy from this machine?

You should let Ian resume doing what he was doing and certainly not waste taxpayer dollars putting him in jail. “How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?”

There is a public perception…

  1. That Ian was targeted in part because he has a successful talk show that is critical of the FedGov.
  2. That he was targeted in part because his group’s Bitcoin vending machines were having too much success competing with the U.S. dollar…but not enough to make them “too big to fail.”
  3. That he may be subjected to a draconian sentence for doing these things, which improved New Hampshire’s economy.
  4. That your institution (the Orwellian FedGov) is the main reason we can’t have nice things here.

Perhaps you can’t do much about items 1 and 2 above. But 3 and 4 are within your power to address. Please do not harm, in any way, this man who has given the people a voice…who has given them access to a currency which, last I checked, is outperforming yours by a factor of 23,000-to-1.

Dave Ridley
“Bitcoin Gandhi”
RidleyReport.com "

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Hey just curious if the sentencing hearing on Friday will be open to the public and if so, where is it being held?

The sentencing has been delayed to June 29th at 10am at Federal district court in Concord NH. Hope you can make it then.