Letter to the Editor

Sent this free state project letter to the Colorado Springs paper while visiting:

Dear Editors at the Gazette:

Here’s a thought from someone who grew up in Colorado Springs and is currently visiting from a freer place. With its new restrictions on plastic bags, Colorado imitates communist China…which pioneered the practice. If you think that’s a problem and see it as just the latest of a million government excesses here, do what I did. Join the Free State Project and move to New Hampshire, where this kind of authoritarian micromanagement generally gets voted down. NH itself has no general sales tax, no income tax, no adult seatbelt law and essensially no gun laws. If our freedom out there sounds scary to you, then stay here and let the walls close in. But if our freedom inspires you, join us. We “free staters” - libertarian migrants - already hold 40 seats in the NH legislature; our allies hold another 40 or so. We’ve cut the state budget 3 percent this session despite all that inflation you’re witnessing, and sometimes we cut it more than that. NH is where Ron Paul’s ideas are becoming reality.

Visit FreeStateProject.org or call 603-263-0308. Then escape to New Hampshire…before your rulers restrict that too!