Legalize all drugs

On June 27 2019 i lost my youngest son to an od; he was 20 years old. What drug it was i do not know yet, i am waiting on the coroners report.
this does not effect my opinion that ALL drugs should be legal. all the street drugs are still illegal in AZ (except medical pot i think), and this policy directly contributed to his death, so i blame the state.

If these drugs were legal then he would of gotten a consistent quality of the drug and probably would not of overdosed. instead he was left to a inconsistent black market…
if even pot were legal, then he most likely would of chose that (his drug of choice), as opposed to whatever he od’ed on.

the TLDR version is : people will use drugs, and making them illegal wont change that, despite whatever harsh fines you make, including capital punishment; it only creates a black market with no interest in a person other than “do they have the cash i want”.


Sorry to hear that. Thanks for being here.

Unfortunate the state prospers from this. My heart goes out to you.

My condolences. I’m sorry for your loss.

i have received the coroners report. the summery is:
he died from accidental overdose on methamphetamine. parts of a plastic bag were found in his stomach.
small amounts of other drugs were found such as thc, benedryl and caffeine.

here is the story as i see it:

he was approached by police on the street somewhere, and swallowed the bag of meth, to avoid being arrested for it. the police took him to a homeless shelter, which after a period of time noticed increasingly erratic behavior and called an ambulance. he died at the ER, despite “extraordinary attempts to revive him” (from the coroners report).
since meth use is a directly related to the anti drug laws, my boy would still be alive if it were not for those laws.

additionally there would be no black market for drugs such as meth, and i would argue that meth use would be a fraction of what it is today. this is because cheap and simple (but dangerous) ways to create it would not have been invented to supply a black market demand.

therefore i still believe that all drugs should be legal . reason: if it were not the fear of being arrested, my boy would not have swallowed the meth, and would still be alive today.

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I’m sorry for your loss.

Legalizing things in a “nation” of 330 million people, with average IQ of 98 and falling, is a losing battle. I’d rather start a new nation with a rigorous criteria for citizenship (intelligence, political orientation, as well as moral), and then no one is asking for those stupid laws…