Lbry is being sued by the SEC

US Government Sues Decentralized Content Platform LBRY Over $11M in Token Sales

adding this to my “call talk radio about” list

Yea, crazy. Notice the timing of that investigation started at the same time as the investigation into the crypto6. This was more than just crypto. This was an attack on freedom and the migration movement as a whole. They’re just using crypto as it’s the easiest clearest target to persecute those in our community. If it wasn’t the case they wouldn’t have raided over non-existent child porn.

were there also major attacks on the crypto community outside NH in march?

It’s a good question. I’m not aware of any. There might have been something regarding 17 machines in California, but I’m not sure that was this month, and I’ve got no real idea what that was about. I think someone said they were returned or something even because the machines ended up being registered with the feds and they just screwed up or something.

There are three main pillars of oppression in the united states if not the world
1 try to make an alternative to central banking, you will get full brunt of the machine, like in this case with library(notice how coopted options like voat and steemit never get sued)
2 try to make a new mass media, you will get get full brunt of the machine(wikileaks comes to mind as well. and notice how things like activistpost never has any issue)
3 speak out about a single foreign nation and single religion being established and enshrined, being unable to be criticized, you will get the full brunt of the machine. (i will leave you to decide which foreign nations and religions are established as sacrosanct)

Going after tyrannical drug policies, refuse to live in big cities, try to make a real community, try to have a local militia, these are other ways to get the full brunt of the establishment psychopaths on your back as well.

So lbry gets my full support, if they are pissing off nasdaq, they may have something happening.
Two people good to listen to are Rob Braxman and Catherine Austin Fitts who I think are on there.

ty jm

LBRY rocks, kudos to Jeremy Kaufmann for fighting this bullshit attack against crypto and freedom.

feel bad it hasn’t been possible to do more for them… i bet they feel so isolated. I’ve called talk radio about their situation maybe 4 times since they got attacked in…early April?

Could you grab him for an interview? He’s at Porcfest.

sorry just now got this.