King Sununu say he wont force the jab in you

“Sununu on Monday told CNN says he’s not forcing anyone to get the coronavirus vaccine.”

So reassuring, coming from a guy who claims armed protesters are attacking his family at their house.

And I remember him at one point this past year saying that a mask mandate would be difficult to enforce and that passing a mask mandate was the wrong way to go about it. But he, as we know now, did a full 180 on this. He is obviously not to be trusted.

Well, while I more or less agree, technically I haven’t had any cops try and actually enforce this mandate on me nor anyone else I know. What the city / liquor commission has threatened and the state has done to at least some businesses on the other hand is unreal. They did fine and/or are targeting some businesses. It doesn’t appear to be across the board though. But this is the problem these orders and laws in general. They selectively enforce them to the benefit of some people. The competitor across from Thirsty Owl stuck the city on her competitor. I know a number of other businesses that haven’t been targeted or threatened at all too! It’s just petty abusive bureaucratic bull shit and we should be aiming to get rid of it altogether.

All in all I’m glad to be in New Hampshire, but it’s not by any means perfect. We’re just here working to that end. It may be a few more years before we can gain control of the state. Right now we merely have influence here and can stop some bad laws from passing and get through some good legislation. Last election cycle we had 24 representatives. This election cycle we got 30!!! It’s growing and our representatives are gaining ground in that they have more power in the legislature than in years past. 30 is 30 times that of any other state so I’d say that is progress. A lot of the progress is not even in the # of people who have moved as we make up a small percentage of the population, but just in having more active people running for offices, and activists that shout louder than the average citizen whose accepted their serfdom. Just imagine now what will be possible when we actually hit a number of significance.

They don’t need to target every business. They make examples out of some. the rest will fall in line. $1000 fine or the LOSS of your livelihood (business license (form of control)) will make you enforce any stupid mandate.

I have yet to wear a muzzle and never will.

Yea, and that is the danger of compliance. Unfortunately it’s hard to get people to stand up to the bullies when they know that their income and livelihood are on the line. I can sympathize with that and it’s all the more infuriating to me when I hear people focusing on symbolic things like masks. It feels silly in that we have an even more egregious act before us and practically ignore it. We got people literally being fucked over. In comparison they actually are fining business owners and threatening thousands more and it’s not even really just business owners. While I don’t know if this is happening in New Hampshire in other regions they’re stealing peoples kids over this shit too. But don’t have kids? Don’t have a business? Well, in Massachusetts, and I didn’t believe this when I first heard it- but they’ve got a curfew!!! WTF. How does restricting people from going out at night stop a virus? Does this virus only spread at night? I mean seriously.

Seriously, There is no virus.
Page 42 chapter 2 sentence 2

Did you happen to notice right after the announcement of its arrival. They had Youtube “Influencers” paint, sculpt, draw, pictures of “coronavirus”

That was done to make sure you believe it exists.

Not sure what you think I said, but it doesn’t sound like it is what you thought. I don’t care if there is or isn’t a virus and I wasn’t suggesting there was or wasn’t. What I was saying was the focus is on the wrong shit. The masks are insignificant relative to all the other crap they are doing and blaming on the virus (real or imagined, I don’t care, it doesn’t matter, it’s irrelevant, it’s not going to change my mind or justify the violence being excused by it).

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I think I was doing a continuation as to what you may of said, more than, a reply to what you said. (ie. putting words in your mouth)

Yea, no biggie. People expect certain words from others and when they don’t deliver people have this way of boxing you into the other camp and getting angry for no real reason. Human nature it seems. Happens all the time. I don’t let people scare me away from saying things that don’t fit one of the two boxes. You can have a third box! Ohhh no! The world is going to end. Story of my life.