Keene/Winchester police Laurie list

So the Winchester Police department can’t find any officers that aren’t corrupt! And they only have a five person Police department.
Then this is fresh off the presses: Two very prominent Keene police officers are on the Laurie list and still working in law enforcement: McLaughlin who has worldwide prominence and Griffin who many Keene cop-blockers will know. How some N.H. 'Laurie List’ officers are still involved in policing | New Hampshire Public Radio

Hah hah. However having been in Winchester most of the time since 2018, I have to rate the WinchCops there as relatively okay… I liked Chief Tollard (sp)? He had sort of an open door policy, i.e. I could come by the station more or less at random and question him on cam if I wanted. The rank and file officers seem ok, again compared to the low U.S. policing standards. Haven’t met the new chief yet.

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