Keene Rally

The right aren’t FSP.

Fascism is as far from liberty as one can get

I wonder who they are calling “the right” … I wonder who they think are free staters. And what are we doing?

The sheep of left and right are incapable of imagining anything outside of that one linear scale. They see one dimension … position on a line … as the only reality. So if you disagree with them on anything, you must be … the dreaded OTHER THING.

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and they are saying that the republicans used to be reasonable and they could fight over the details in Concord like civilized members of a DEMOCRACY
and now we are going too far

Did some of the free stater state reps vote in favor of abortion laws as these folks are claiming? if such laws involve spending tax dollars to restrict (or encourage) abortion… then they would constitute an act of aggression against taxpayers.

I don’t know. Pro-choice on everything, personally.