Keene jail abuse complaint

“Responding to a reporter’s right-to-know request for records related to the incident, Iosue said via email Aug. 15 that documents related to individual inmate discipline are exempt under state law from public release.”

"According to a jail disciplinary report, Tucker and three other inmates had violated several rules, including against “any organized activity that disrupts institutional security.”

I smell B.S. and a victimless crime situation all around; if he’d done something really wrong would they call it “activity that disrupts institutional security"? Sentinel also says he was in on drug charges. Am I missing anything important?

Do you think man’s complaint should become business? It’s not like we lack proof of the Keene jail’s previous misbehavior:

The man’s complaint seems to meet most of the criterion for NHfree type activity… it was brought to the public initially by a mainstream press outlet, it’s mostly unfolding in a convenient location, it seems to involve abuse of a citizen accused only of victimless crimes and this citizen is apparently not a liberty activist. The situation seems to involve stonewalling by a specific government institution. All of these are the types of criterion we are looking for, in order to trigger involvement.

On the other hand, we don’t have proof that the complainant’s allegations are true, that the jail abused him, and we don’t know if he is a relatively sympathetic character.

Again… am I missing anything?

I’m still trying to catch up with some other activism … so not sure. But I like people are motivated to keep up this constant stream of activism !!!

Another thought: It will likely be difficult to contact the alleged victim in this case… that might mean we’d have to move forward before (or without) consulting him. Can anyone tell us how to contact him?