Just won a case in Greenfield ma this morning

So… The last time I was in a Greenfield ma courtroom was when Liberty on Tour… with Adam and Pete… Which was forever ago.
I did go there then for a few, hearings.
But now I went today and beat it like a …whatever: DISMISSED nol pros…
I filed a epic motion to dismiss…
I’m not saying they weren’t going to dismiss it *anyway, because they could very well have, but they did get my motion to dismiss, so, and it was *epic if I do say so myself.



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Thanks :slight_smile:

I know why no one asks what it was for!
Because they think I’m out there stealing and robbing and raping and pillaging… And stealing candy from babies!
And shoplifting from the dollar store!

It was none of the above.
I was driving a vehicle that was unpapered,
in any way…
So… When he… Someone just slapped random plates on it…
With no lineage… Lol
To anyone… Also the car had no lineage to anyone…
It was un alot of things… Insured inspected registered… it had no documentation of any sort tying it to anything. That’s my motion to dismiss