Juror Rights

We continue to inform jurors of their rights here in Belknap County, NH. We need to restock on flyers. Stop by the lakesregionporcupines.com page if you’d like to contribute to the effort. We’ll be happy to accept a small donation. Bitcoin let’s you send funds with a minor transaction fee. Well that was the idea of Bitcoin. Now SegWit bitcoin cost $2-3 in fees, screw that. We’re accepting Bitcoin Cash so your fee will be less than a dime!



I sent nearly half a box with Goshe today, @Laconia :smile:

Thanks, I got them. The storm cut our jury duty out for this week but we’ll be ready for the next time.

Do you plan this outreach the week of June 20th? I want to visit there some day

El_Stone, thanks for your interest. The jury pools run in ~6 week cycles, first time ‘orientation’ and then 2 more days about two weeks apart. Our next day is this Tuesday May 29, at 8:30, then again on June 11. The county attorney seems to be making lots of deals as jury pools are called off more frequently. Maybe we are having an effect :slight_smile:
You can always get the dates for the jury pools at https://www.courts.state.nh.us/jury/juror_belknap.htm#petit