Jordan Calling...

Good Morning Everyone,

I am new to the community and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jordan- originally from the Granite State. I spent the last decade in DC, NYC, and Florida. My wife and I are finally returning home and excited to be back. I found this forum through the MDCN. I have been a crypto investor for several years now and have recently made the decision to accept crypto as payment through one of our businesses. I am here to connect with the community and grow adoption of this important technology.

Thanks for welcoming me in. I look forward to meeting you, hopefully in person soon.

Jordan D.

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What do you exactly? Something with investing, but you also have a separate business? Or you invest other peoples money and are now accepting crypto for payment for services rendered? I don’t know if you ever called NH home before, when you lived here prior, but welcome home now! It’s a great place to live and only getting better.