Join to protest Fed prosecution of Crypto Six. Oct 2, Concord NH

I’m now planning to do this demonstration even if The Man postpones the hearing. But there’s no harm in checking this thread the day before.

Who: and friends. If you’re against both Federal overstep and violent revolution…you’re invited.
What: Demonstration against Fed prosecution of Ian Freeman.
Where: Outside Federal Courthouse / 55 Pleasant St. / Concord, NH
When: 8:30-10:00 a.m. Mon Oct 2, 2023 - His final sentencing is scheduled for 90 minutes later in the same building.
Why: The occupiers of New Hampshire have prosecuted a local talk show host for Bitcoin-related “crimes” which are arguably victimless and arguably not even crimes. They’ve banned filming the sentencing process and just arrested State Rep Jason Gerhard for trying to do so.

Facebook event: NH: Protest Ian Freeman's prosecution @ Fed Bldg

Background details: " Ian's Sentencing Continued to October 2nd "


What’s the chance that the torture chamber people will change the date or time of the sentencing? Anyone have a sense? 20%? 50%?

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Want to pick a specialty for this event, even if you’re not attending? I’ve picked four for myself. This is a generic specialty list for civic events so some roles may not be relevant, and no one should be pressured to pick a role.

) Nonviolent Discipline Enforcer: Maintains, or tries to maintain, peaceable / nonthreatening behavior on the part of all participants. What do you think is the best way? Here’s your chance to learn by doing.

) Offsite contact: Maybe someone who is not at the event but who spreads information about the event as it is going on? Or does other things that can be done well offsite? This is a good person to contact with latest news from the event, or make sure they know in advance where you will be posting. . - Russell Kanning has volunteered to do this one and may post some sort of contact information on this thread.

) StorageMeister: Person who can hold on to items for people. For example, signs, flags,…or electronics that might be banned from a building you are about to enter. You’ll get your property back faster from a friend than a bailiff. Ideally the StorageMeister would stay right outside the govt. building for the whole hearing.

) Camera chain participant. Camera chains are designed to ensure that even if livestream fails or The Man confiscates video…some of our vid gets uplaoded same day. This is what happened at Manch PD in 2011… most of the “close cameras” got confiscated but the video filmed at distance aired on time.
----- Close videographer - Gets closer than anyone else to the main action.
----- Semi-close videographer - Monitors the close videographer and films anything disturbing that happens to her.
----- Mid range videographer - able to see the semi-close videographer and film his arrest if necesesary.
----- Distance videographer - Never even enters the property where the event will occur. Able to film arrest of of the mid range videographer if necessary. This guy’s video usually has best chance of surviving a mass camera confiscation, as happened at Manch PD in 2011. see below. - I’m volunteering to perform this role on Oct 2 up until 10:00 a.m. - Ridley

) Alternate entrance videographer - This would be useful if there is someone we all want to question but they are being sneaky.

) Still photographer - This is really useful but only if you publicize your images.

) Public informer - Someone to post and spread updates during the event, about the event. Maybe keeps relatives of arrestees up to date?

) Chalker - Someone to lawfully chalk relevant messages or URL’s on the sidewalks. Especially useful: Chalkings with arrows pointing at us…inviting passersby to join .

) Next stepper - Follows up on the event in some way if appropriate?

) Court sketcher

) DALL-E “sketcher” - Use the DALL-E a.i. program to create images of the court proceedings or other unfilmable action in situations where court bans recording?

) Sign waver - Even if an event is not a demonstration it is still useful to have someone out near traffic drawing attention. *Am volunteering to perform this role on Oct 2 up until 10:00 a.m. * - Ridley

) Advance Media contact - Send out news releases, especially in advance? - Am volunteering to perform this role before Oct 2. - Ridley i have a list of about 150 media emails but its’ not super effective. - Ridley

) Human rights monitor - Her job might be to get and publish the names of anyone on any side…who commits or threatens some act of aggression against others in connection with our event? What else?

) Specialty organizer - someone to try and get all these roles filled?
) Jail liaison - If this is a civil disobedience event or anyone gets arrested…the liaison would figure out where they are being held , perhaps try to get them any help they need, let folks know how to help them, write them, etc.

) Post event Press contact - Sends out news releases or otherwise publicize our event afterward?

) Turnoutter - The guy who works in advance to maximize the number of people who show up. - Am volunteering to perform this role before Oct 2 but it would help if others do the same. - Ridley

) Spot Inviter - invites passersby to join the demonstration? carries a sign to that effect or does some chalking that points at us?

) FlyerSquire - Brings flyers and gear to post the flyers, or hand out.

) Medic - or, failing that, someone who at least has a first aid kit and stands ready to help all sides in any conflict which might occur.

) Humanitarian aider - Has water , sunscreen, insect repellent, electricity power supply, rain projection, etc? maybe chairs to sit on if we’re in a spot which allows that? What else should he carry?

) Trash Collector - Make sure the demonstration leaves the area cleaner than it was?



you might want to add this whole checklist/volunteerlist on a permanent page somewhere for future use

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Remember how the estonian independence folks once protested the Soviet occupiers by holding hands in an unbroken human chain all the way across estonia?

How about we try to make a human chain like the above…on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse around 9:15am? and then sing the NH national anthem:

" Live free or die,
Don’t let the freedom pass you by,
Stand up proud and strong,
And lead New Hampshire on.

Live free or die,
From the village green to the mountain side,
Peaceful voices sing,
The song of liberty!

In 1623 she touched the hand of history,
Led the colonies on,
Independence was won.

And the spirit lives today,
To guide New Hampshire on her way,
Independent and free,
The home of liberty.

Live free or die,
Don’t let the freedom pass you by,
Stand up proud and strong,
And lead New Hampshire on.

Live free or die,
From the village green to the mountain side,
Peaceful voices sing,
The song of liberty! "

We could use some NH flags… I don’t have any.

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i’ve still heard no indication that the sentencing will fail to happen on monday and either way… the demonstration is still a “go.”

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