Jimmy Morrison (The Housing Bubble filmmaker)


I co-wrote the award-winning documentary The Housing Bubblewith Tom Woods, asking those that predicted the crash: why did it happen and what’s next? I drove over 35,000 miles shooting interviews with people like Ron Paul, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Peter Schiff, Doug Casey, Jim Grant, and David Stockman.

In 2017, I produced and ran a camera for the mockumentary Rocksteppy, starring Jake Dilley and McManus Woodend, best known for his recurring role as the GEICO caveman. The film features Jeff Dowd, the Coen Brothers original inspiration for “The Dude,” as well as cameos from Oscar-winning directors David Lynch and Peter Farrelly.

Lynch selected my music video Aperturefor a grant, which also screened at the Minneapolis St. Paul Film Festival. In 2008, I founded Iowa Patients for Medical Marijuana, successfully lobbying the first Board of Pharmacy in the country to recommend marijuana be rescheduled as medicine, which the bipartisan board supported unanimously. The organization was selected for a grant from the Marijuana Policy Project. I was Gary Johnson’s State Director in Iowa from 2010-2011.

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Cool, are you planning a move to the Shire?


I will watch it soon.

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I hope to come there for at least 1 screening in the fall or spring. I have family in Iowa that I can’t move away from, so NH is out for now. I think the Free State Project is a great idea though.

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